What is Liteblue: A Comprehensive Guide For New Users

Liteblue is a Trusty Platform Who Created By (USPS) United States Postal Service for its workers. Those persons fill up his job information with his employee card and Password to know what they earn and see more jobs  stay up-to-date with your Career.

Getting Started with USPS Liteblue, Create SSP Profile

When you want to become a member of USPS Family, You need a SSP (Self- Service Profile) password. Your SSP Password is important for you because it helps you to enter the USPS online portal and access many USPS Applications Like, liteblue app, USPS Ethics, USPS® AR and eOPF.


What is an SSP Password?

SSP Full Form is Self – Service Profile. It is your Personal and Secret Key to unlock all the USPS Applications and Tools. It is a Unique Password to create for access USPS Online Stuff. When You are new USPS give to you a temporary Password for Start and you use it for create your own code Usdtcck,

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Ways To Create SSP Profile in USPS Online Portal.

1. Temporary Password

When you Register in USPS Online Portal Shortly Within 10 – 14 Days You receive a letter from USPS where they Gives to you a Temporary Password. This Is Important to Create Your Own Password.

2. Visit SSP Website

Vist the SSP Website ( to create your own password with the help of Temporary Password with liteblue website.

3. Change Your Password

If you Want to Change Your Password and You need your employee card ( A eight digit code you find in your Earning Statements) and With the help of your Temporary Password.

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4. A Employe Card

Employe Card is an eight digit Code which you find in your earning statements, Make Sure! This ID is not only used for the first time when you login. It needs to login all the applications of USPS in future. This ID is Important and Safe.

What are the Features of LiteBlue? Let’s Explore It.

There are many of Benefits and features of USPS what you need to know its works in your future life,

  • Personal Information Editing

Here you can update your Photo, Name, Contact, Account and Emergency Contacts and stay Up-to-date with us.

  • Earning Information or Payroll Information

This Platform are helps to you check your pay slips liteblue epayroll and see how much money you can earned. It’s Like  a Online wallet where you know about your Earnings Check in login page.

  • Career Development

This Platform helps you if you want to grow in USPS and Make your best career then it helps you for Find Best Jobs opportunities, it Likes a map of your career.

  • Time Off Request

If you want you need a day off from your work and then USPS gives you a benefit. There you send your Request for your Day off or Planning a Vacation you just fill up the Request and your supervisor accepts it and Make a liteblue usps virtual timecard.

  • Finding Employes

If you find your Coworkers contact information you will find it with Liteblue. It looks like you have a phonebook.

  • PostalEase Benefits

This Feature lets you know how to manage your employees like health insurance and Retirement savings. It’s like this is your Financial Partner.

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