What to Do If Kundli Is Not Matching?

In Hindu arranged marriages, the Kundli is the first thing that both the boy and girl’s families check. If the horoscopes do not match, the marriage stops. Nowadays, many people perform love marriages, but Kundli matching happens only after deciding on the wedding dat. This can lead to problems if the Kundlis don’t match. So, what can we do if our horoscopes don’t match for a happy marriage? Let’s find out.

Understanding Kundli Matching

In Vedic astrology, a Kundli Milan compares a pair’s marriage compatibility by comparing their horoscopes. Its foundation lies in the idea that a person’s planetary position at birth might have an impact on their personality, traits, and destiny. Kundli matching involves looking at a variety of aspects, such as the placements of the planets, how they interact with each other, and the relationship with other celestial bodies, in order to assess compatibility and potential issues both individuals may face. Additionally, one can use Free Online Kundali Matching for Marriage by Date of Birth and assess their compatibility.

Factors that Influence Kundli Matching


When pairing kundlis, the Ashtakoot is the most preferred. It features a point-based evaluation and analyzes astha, or eight koots. A pair must score at least 18 points out of a possible 36 gunas to be fit for marriage. If the score or points are below 18, the marriage should be canceled because it might lead to conflicts and an unhappy marriage.

Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha, which relates to the location of Mangal or Mars in the horoscope, is an important component of Kundli matching. It affects not just the longevity of the pair but also their marriage. Mangal Dosha can lead to arguments, health issues, or maybe the death of one or both partners. The seriousness of the symptoms associated with Mangal Dosha determines the right course of action for misaligned kundalini.

Placements of Planets

In astrology, the planets’ positions in the birth charts of the pair have a significant impact on the Kundali matching. The positions of Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon in particular are quite important. They have an impact on compatibility, love, passion, relationships, and sentiments.

The Seventh House

The seventh house represents marriage and partnerships. By looking at the positions and alignments of planets in the seventh house, one can determine the type of relationship between the pair, their compatibility with one another, and any other marital issues.


We can predict the potential results of the marriage by looking at the date of a specific event in the individual’s life, such as Dasha periods, and the transits of planets.

Other Factors

The horoscopes of both parties should be checked, but it’s also important to take into account their values, personalities, interests, and beliefs. A successful marriage requires mutual understanding and compatibility between the spouses.

Effects of Incompatible Kundali

Why do we perform kundli milan? What occurs if the horoscopes don’t line up?

Out of the complete 36 gunas, at least 18 should match for the marriage. Marriage can be difficult if they don’t match, and the couple may deal with the following problems:-

  • a lot of disagreements and fights between the partners.
  • problems becoming pregnant even in healthy couples.
  • There will be issues in the couple’s physical relationship. 
  • The couple’s professional development will face obstacles. 
  • There will be monetary losses.

Remedies for Incompatible Kundali

The following are the solutions for a happy marriage without a horoscope match:-

  • After a thorough analysis of the couple’s horoscopes, the incorrect kundali can be treated. You can discuss this with knowledgeable astrologers. Engaging in the puja could help a couple’s marriage if the presence of doshas is an obstacle. Without a horoscope match, getting this puja performed by knowledgeable priests would assist counter the negative effects of these doshas and ensure their marriage succeeds.
  • A powerful Venus can also aid in eliminating the adverse impacts on marriage. Wearing a white sapphire can assist make the Venus of those with weak Venus become powerful, resulting in a joyful marriage blessing, after speaking with an astrologer.
  • Before marriage, the ‘Ark Vivah’ or ‘Kumbh Vivah’ helps strengthen a weak seventh house. However, Individuals should consult an astrologer in advance for advice on this Kundali mismatch treatment. 
  • Furthermore, a shanti puja needs to be done prior to marriage to decrease the negative effects of an afflicted or weak seventh house in your birth chart containing dosha.


As previously stated, the negative impacts of the couple’s mismatched horoscopes can be mitigated by following the cures for mismatched Kundali. If the couple wants to proceed with their union despite the Kundali mismatch, they can always consult a professional astrologer and ask for advice.

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